Auto Report eBay Pre-Sale Listings

So I'm feeling a bit petty at the amount of people using bots to purchase pre-order items within seconds of them going live on retail websites, only to re-list them at higher prices on sites like eBay.

(This doesn't even account for people who post listings for the item with no guarantee that they even have a pre-order secured for themselves, so they're getting money for an item that they don't currently have and may not get and be able to fulfill the order...) Since it's against eBay TOS to list items for pre-sale, I know I can report these items and have them taken down.

I currently am able to submit the completed report item form by pressing a button on my Stream Deck (SD), but I have to open up the link to the item page then press the SD button, so if I wanted to do this for a lot of items that are posted for pre-sale, I'd have to open each listing which still takes up a good amount of time.

I was wondering if there was a way to automate it so a new Safari window would open to a page of an eBay search page, start at the first item listing, and have it check if the item is a pre-sale item, and then open it in a new tab and report the item using what I have so far. It would be better if I could auto-check if it's the pre-sale item (through variables like matching a found image or being over a certain price) and report it, that way I could avoid accidentally misreporting an item that just wrongly showed up in the search.

I would also like to keep record of the users and the item ID numbers, but I assume that the process of recording these and assigning them to a variable of some sort would follow a similar process of getting the price of the item?

Let me know if I need to clarify anything, and thank you for your time and help.