Autofill pre-made presentation and export to PDF

Hi all,

After using KM with lots of joy for really practical and helpful stuff for my everyday working routines I am glad I have now found my way to this forum for a more difficult challenge. I'm highly in doubt if this challenge is achievable at all, but if there's one place where I can find the answer I think this is the place.

I will try to summarise my goal, motivation and my thoughts so far as clear as possible below. Any help would be highly appreciated. Also, if you see a solution in another direction than the direction I am thinking in at the moment, it would be highly appreciated.

Autofill a pre-made presentation with answers filled in by a respondent via an online form. The presentation is then automattically saved as PDF and send to the same respondent to the e-mail address the respondent provided in the same online form.

I used to give workshops about a specific topic. In that workshop I asked a lot of questions like 'what are the 4 things you would want people to think about when they think about your brand?" In the end they would get a PDF export of a presentation (used PPT) I made. One of the slides on that presentation/PDF is an image of a brain and those 4 words decorated around it. Which I filled by hand in Powerpoint, saved to PDF and then e-mailed to them. I think it would be cool to challenge myself to make this available as an online tool. So people fill in an online questionnaire and then get the PDF within little time.

My thoughts so far:
My first thoughts are something like this might work:
1) An online form gets the answers to the questions
Haven't decided yet which tool to use, but I see Typeform links with Google Spreadsheet, so that might be interesting.
2) A Google spreadsheet gets filled with the data from the form and autofilles a pre-made Google Presentation
This might be pretty challenging to achieve for me, but this video gives me hope this might actually works
3) With Keyboard Maestro I make a rule with which the Google presentation gets saved as PDF and automatically send to the respondent

Again, any help or ideas would be highly appreciated!

I'm afraid I don't know anything about controlling PPT or Google Spreadsheets or Google Presentation. If I was going to do this, I would take the data from the form and then create an HTML document, and then convert that to a PDF, because creating an HTML document with a script is easy.

Other than that, you would have to look at ways to create the presentation given the data, and that would vary depending on what kind of presentation you were making, and might have to be based on UI control which would be ugly at best.

There are also some online form sites that will produce a PDF from the form.
Here's one, but I'm sure there are others: