Automate sign in and printing - youtube video

Hello! I am a newer user to km and I was hoping for some assistance and at least confirmation on whether or not my needs are achievable with km. I have a youtube video for reference on what is needed too so that its clear.

Overall I am signing into a webpage, changing some dates, selecting some buttons, printing, changing tray for printing another page etc.

Thank you in advance.

Doable with click image i would assume

Hey Adam,

Many things are possible between clicking at found image and running JavaScript in Chrome.

But – with web page manipulation you can’t predict with accuracy what is possible. The only way to know for certain is to start tinkering.


Thanks for the feedback guys. So it may be possible, but I’ll have to tinker and test thoroughly to get it working for my application? Due to the web page, it mainly complicates it but doesn’t make it “not possible” right?

I plan to use a dedicated desktop so alignment, window size etc is always consistent.



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