Automatically select buttonPrompt for userInput if Idle?

Hey, so basically what I am trying to do is to get a reminder which happens about once every hour, where I'm asked to evaluate if I'm focusing on what I should be focused on.

Here is what I have set up currently

Pretty new to using KeyboardMaestro, so any input or suggestions for general improvements is appreciated. The intention is to have it happen at intervals that seem random to me (But averages out at about once an hour), and then it just saves the data somewhere in case I want to use it for something later.

The thing I'm not sure how to do is that if I'm not at the computer when the reminder pops up, I want it to just select the "Not at computer" for me, so I guess it would just be something like "If no action is taken within 15 seconds, select Not at computer".

Edit: Just noticed that the Random should be > 66 not 33 :see_no_evil:


The key to auto-select is to use the Action Timeout, like this:



Followed by a iF/THEN action to test for Action Result:


That should get you started.