Automatically Select Search bar in KM when adding Actions

HI there,
what type of actions do I need to make the following macro in Keyboard Maestro?

When I press the “plus” to add an action (either the green one under the trigger, or the one in the bottom of KM’s interface, I get a long list of possible actions to chose from.

I don’t think I have not used the search bar at any point, except once or twice when I wanted to know what all the possible actions are called.

I’d like to immediately have the cursor located in the searcher, which can be done by using the keyboard command Ctrl + F. How can I make the cursor just go there right away?

Try this: ⌘⌃A

Thanks, my point is I want to eliminate this extra step. Since everytime I add an action I go to the search function, I want to automate this and have the cursor waiting there for me already.

Command-Control-A brings up the Insert Action by Name selector, so no other steps are required.

For the action selector, you can use Command-F to move to the search field.

No, there is not any way to move directly there when you click the New Action button (though I imagine you could make a macro to bring it up and then press command-F).

If I mouse click the plus button on the bottom, how would I make that a trigger? Or the Action menu sliding up could be the trigger, but what function do I use as trigger? All the rest is straightforward I think.

You can’t generally make such things a trigger - what you can do instead is trigger a macro via a hot key that causes both actions.

@David_Landes: I’m not sure about the issue here with the keyboard shortcut - it eliminates the need to click the plus button entirely. So it’s one-step.

If you want a button that does this, consider creating a palette that does what you want - just set up a button that chooses to add a step and then ⌘F to go to the find panel.