Available When a Focused Window Title Does Not Contain


I have three macro palettes configured for two different browser apps and one for general browser (brave) shortcuts. They all open with the same gesture from Better Touch Tool.
For the browser shortcuts I have two keywords (salesforce and consultancy) that I need to not show the palette.

I've tried to add a | sign between the keywords but it doesn't work. See below. The problem is that for one of the online apps it is not possible to match the title because it's always changing from Home to Settings to whatever.

What is the best solution to not show the palette?


You've mentioned the solution without realising it:

Since you're using a logical expression as a test try using the title does not match condition:

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@tiffle thanks for the reply. This option isn't working because I need the correct title (and as mentioned this one is not a static title) and in my case I only need the two keywords "Salesforce" and "Consultancy" to be not in the title for this palette.

Hi @Juuls - then I've obviously misunderstood.

My suggestion makes the palette available when the window title does not have either salesforce or consultancy in it.

I assume then that you want both words to be absent.

correct @tiffle :slight_smile: So is that possible?

Does "consultancy" always follow the word "salesforce" in the windows you wish to ignore?

those words are keywords from two different websites where I don't want to display the palette. So the order doesn't matter.

That wasn't what I was asking but your reply tells me that the two words never appear in the same title. Is that correct?

yes :slight_smile:

Well, if the two words never appear in the same title then my original suggestion will work.

If you haven't tried it then do so. If you have and find it is incorrect, please provide examples of the window titles that you are interested in excluding and then we can work from there.
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@tiffle I've tried but.... don't laugh... consultancy was written with a lower case c but needed a capital C. So I've changed it and it works now. Thanks and sorry :thinking:

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Easy problem to run into. To make the test insensitive to case, put this:


and that'll sort it.