Avoiding 'Action Timeout exceeded' for Semaphore Lock macro?

Hi, I use a Semaphore Lock for a folder-triggered macro that uses a shell script to compress videos into different versions along with some additional steps to rename those resulting videos. Each video takes 10-45 minutes to go through the process. It works great at going through several videos one after another up until a point maybe 2-3 hours into the process. At that point I get an on-screen alert/notification window from Keyboard Maestro that reads 'Macro Cancelled. Action Timeout exceeded.' But I never set an Action Timeout. It will complete the process for the video it was working on but it won't process any more of the remaining videos that were in the trigger folder unless I move them out of that folder and then back into it to start the process up again.

Is there a way to avoid that Action Timeout somehow? It's not the end of the world if I can't but it means I have to keep an eye on it and move the videos out of the folder and then back in again to keep them going. I'm still novice-level at Keyboard Maestro so maybe I'm missing something. Any tips would be much appreciated.


The timeout and the notification thereof is controlled in the Action gear menu.

If you look at the gear menu, you can see it has the symbols of a clock to indicate there are timeout controls, and also it can have a blue center to indicate there are additional (to the minimum) options for the action available.

The gear menu also has direct links to the wiki documentation for any action.


HUGE thanks!!! It's very much appreciated. Your software is incredible.

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