AWOL Macros Missing From Palette

Problem: Some macros no longer display in their palettes.
Associated: Lately, an entire palette disappears (after a macro calls up Chrome.)

Behavior: Sometimes, my invisible macros are (unseen, but) still functional…

  • Hot Keys may work, even though the macro is not displaying in the palette.
  • Some invisible macros can be called by other macros.
    And, of course, some macros are hiding and just refuse to come out and play.

Frequency: I’ve discovered several invisible macros in different macro Groups.
It wasn’t hard to find eight or so.

KM is version 8.2.4
Computer is Macbook Pro, 15”
Mac OS Mojave v. 10.14.1
By last count, I have precisely one gazillion macros. Most of them are well-behaved.
Currently, I’m re-writing existing macros to comply with Mojave.

Repairs attempted:

  • Isolating macros in tighter groups… this reduced a few conflicts.
  • Shut down everything and restart Apple… Not a complete — or a permanent — fix.
  • Number of macros per palette doesn’t seem to be an issue.
  • “Show Palette” macro… does display a second palette. And it does allow me to specify and run my invisible macros.

Unsophisticated Strategies I’m considering:

  • Delete problem macros. Add their commands to properly listed macros.
  • Use two palettes… Normal and Problem Children.
  • Take a nap.

Perhaps some kind soul in the KM community can see a more robust solution.

Thanks for reading.

-- TD

Well, young man. Maybe I can help.

Your excellent suggestion — take a nap — results in the ability to remember the utterly standard Trigger Setting: when “The global macro palette entry is clicked.”

The description clearly says that “This macro will be listed in the global floating palette…”

Of course, that solves your first problem.

However, I must recommend that, on an ongoing basis, you should avoid operating heavy machinery or driving any motorized vehicle.

Also, publicly writing notes to yourself may be something you should curtail.

We’ll just keep this our own little secret.

-- TD