Backup Google calendar

Hey @ronald,

I don't mess with Google apps very much, so I don't need a backup solution.

I don't see any obvious alternatives to CloudPull doing a quick Google search, but you might check out SyncMate 7.

I haven't looked at it for a few years, but it supposedly has a backup function in addition to the synchronizing.


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thank you very much Chris

Hi Jimmy, it seems that Google no longer allows GMVault to sync/backup emails. I was wondering what you are using currently to backup / sync your gmails and if you have to forfeit your google login/pass to the app in the process?
Thank you

Hi Ronald.
No, I have not found a replacement. Unfortunately.

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Thank you Jimmy

Hi, I have been using your macro weekly to backup my calendar. For the past month or so, it no longer worked in Chrome, but works in Safari.

@ronald I am still completely outside the use case for this macro or service, but when I clicked that link just now in Chrome it did download a zip file for my gmail account's calendars and contacts. What does it do for you?

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all of a sudden, it just worked, after not working for a month trying at least 30 times different days ! perhaps because I happened to clear the cache earlier today. thanks for trying and letting me know !

Good to hear! :ok_hand:t2:

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