Backup to usb

If I insert my kindle, I'd like KM to

  1. show me an alert that it's going to backup the kindle
  2. trash files in a folder in my local home drive
  3. copy all files from the kindle to my the folder in my local drive
  4. unmount the kindle
  5. show me alert that backup is now complete and kindole is unmounted.

I've tried the following but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.


I think it is because you trash the folder named Kindle
So it does not exist when you want to copy to it.
Try to recreate the folder before the copy action.

I was not able to get the “This USB device Kindle is attached” trigger to work on my system, but the “This volume Kindle is mounted” trigger does work.


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Hi @JimmyHartington

How do I delete the content of the directory without deleting the directory itself?

Should it be Trash /Users/me/kindle/* ?


In this case I think the easiest way is to put this action just before your copy action.

So you delete the folder kindle, create a new folder called kindle and copy to that.
It gives the same resultat.

No – she’s copying a complete folder to a new location, and that should normally just work.

I think the problem is that she’s copying a volume.

The first thing to do is look in the Keyboard Maestro Engine log file and see what the error is.


This works:

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It should not be recursive. You only need to trash the files/folders that are directly in the folder. Their (recursive) contents will go with them to the trash.