Batch Process a series of files

Hi Guys, I’m looking to:

Select a bunch of folders
Execute the macro
In each folder are several files, I’d like to open only files with a “.als” extension
once the file is open, execute a menu item so save the file
then move on to the next “.als” file and do the same thing

I’m thinking that I’ll need to use the Path collection and seems like I’ll need Semaphore lock as I want to open on file after another, not all at once. (never used it, but the app is only capable of opening a single “.als” at once)

At the moment, I’m a bit lost on figuring out how to look recursively into the folders and filter the results to just the “.als” files.

Sorry, this is not clear.
What is the point of saving the file?
What app do you want to open it in?

Please provide a real-world workflow of what you would do manually, that you want to automate using Keyboard Maestro.

Hey Ben,

Here's something to get you started:

Finder Selection ⇢ Recursively Collect Paths of Files in Folders of a Given File-Type.kmmacros (5.7 KB)

Change \.zip$ to \.als$ in the macro.

It will display a list of file paths found in the Finder selection.

Note – a semaphore lock simply keeps you from activating a macro again when it's already running.

Once you've extracted the files you'll need a For Each action with Lines in a Collection like this:

From there it shouldn't be too hard to run through the files and process them.