Blur screen and display text every 20 minutes (like Intermission does)?

What I'm trying to achieve is the screen to blur + display some text, with regularity.

This light utility achieves this, but I wanted to try my hand with Keyboard maestro - I can figure out the chron part, but not the blur + text of the screen.

What's the way, team? :frowning:

I'm not sure Keyboard Maestro has the ability to blur the screen but you can use the Display Text [Keyboard Maestro Wiki] action and set it to Display Text Large which will fill most of the screen.

Set Screensaver prefs to use "Ken Burns" and select a folder with no files in it. Write a macro in KM that grabs a screen capture, gives it a Blur via Automator's "Quartz Composition" filter, writes that to a file in the folder you chose previously, uses KM's "Composite" action to overlay some text (probably another image, so you get the scaling right), then triggers the screensaver.

Totally spit-balling, not at all tested... I think I'd just use Intermission!