Bring Window To Front

I have a useful macro that I use with an application that is usually already open, TaskPaper. When I am already on that document, the macro performs perfectly. It has become so useful that I am trying to add to the macro that it should go to that open window and then perform the macro.

But I am getting an error. And, I am unable to find a larger window to trap this error so I cannot tell exactly why the error occurs. All I see is a small window that stays briefly that says the macro was canceled and a partial explanation. Searching on the terms “dialog” and “error” give me no hits to find such a dialog to trap the error for further study.

My question is in two parts, 1) using "Bring window(s) with name containing Console Punch List to front”, will give me the error. Why is this when there is indeed a window with that title? And 2) How do I trap the error for further study?


Possible solution: why not use the macro to open the document? I use this on a regular basis in TaskPaper 3, and I never get an error—it always brings the desired window to the front.

For example:

Yes, this works, thanks. It “should” work to identify a window title. Not sure why it isn’t?

Oh well, at least your suggestion works. I thought I would have to add a pause but if it is already open, no pause needed.

Added: As another TaskPaper user, you might find the thread I was onin the TaskPaper forums
of interest
- or not. I created the macro I just posted about here because I didn’t know I could use advances search code to get it in TaskPaper. Someone showed me that trick on that thread. All in all, I am keeping the macro and I still find it useful.

In Keyboard Maestro, “Help ▹ Open Logs Folder”, then open “Engine Log” (it’s a text file).

OK, thanks. But, isn’t there a way to copy the error to clipboard or show it in a larger error window? Maybe I am thinking of the days when I did things using Panorama by Provue. Did a lot of error capture in those days, just part of the learning. Still, as nicely laid out as KM is I would be surprised if there wasn’t some way to capture fully an error for a canceled macro.

Could be. I don’t know. Perhaps one of the gurus will chime in.

Maybe try this macro from @JMichaelTX? It's generally worked well for me.

As for why you're getting the error in the first place, this may not be necessary if you've found a workaround by just opening the file as part of the macro, but if you still want to figure out why your original idea of bringing the window to the front isn't working, try posting your full macro here so we can get a better idea of what may be going on.