[Bug] Help: Conflict Palette Not Appearing, Both Macros Run

Hi, have this issue:
Have two Finder macros with same trigger, but when running the trigger, both macros run

What the macro does: Assigns a Color Label (red or green)

A file is tagged with both color labels

I get the Conflict palette prompt to select which one to run

Uploaded as DISABLED, enable to run
Finder Macros.kmmacros (7.2 KB)

Trigger for both: Shift-Cmd-Enter

OSX Catalina 10.15.7
KM 9.0.2



I don't consistently get both labels assigned to the selected items in the Finder, but I don't get a conflict palette either.

Ah, so – you have the action “Set Tags”, whereas I think you want “Add Tags”.

Set Tags destroys any previously assigned tags.

As for the lack of a conflict palette I'm guessing you duplicated one macro and changed its parameters.

I've seen this bollix up a macro or two over some years, but I've never been able to duplicate the problem at will.

I'm guessing the two macros think they're the same one – maybe the UUID isn't getting differentiated as it's supposed to.

Upon install I experienced the same problem as you – no C.P.

I was able to recreate the problem by duplicating your macros and changing the keyboard shortcut – so there's something reproducible using the given macro file.

To fix the issue I had to recreate the macros from scratch, although I was able to paste in the actions from the old macros.

In any case – I'm fairly sure this is a bug. @peternlewis – please take a look.


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Yes, my goal is to assign a label.
Duplicated the Red one and found that when I run the trigger I don't get the conflict palette.

Thanks for confirming @ccstone, and for CC'ing Peter!

Check the macro triggers carefully. Most likely they are subtly different (eg pressed and tapped).

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Hey @hello,

You used Key-Is-Down instead of Key-Is-Pressed.

As soon as I changed your original macros to the former the Conflict-Palette worked just fine.

It looks to me like the key-down events were competing with each other.


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Thanks! it's working

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