Bug in 7.1 Pause Until Found Image

I believe I've found a bug in Pause Until Found Image. I just upgraded to 7.1, and this bug appeared. I reverted to 7.03 and it went away. I went back to 7.1 and the bug reappeared.

The bug occurs when "in the front window" is selected (it doesn't find the image, obviously). If I change it to "in the main screen", it works fine.

Let me know what other information I can provide. Thanks,

Yes, it looks like in fixing a crashing bug with the Find Image code I also added a new bug. I’ll get it fixed in the next version, and get the next version out soon.

Sorry about that.

Thanks for verifying the bug. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no hurry on releasing a fix, because changing things to “in the main screen” is no big deal. Unless you think the bug affects something else also - something that I haven’t encountered yet. But I suspect other people may not have the same reaction. :open_mouth:

Ah, the life of a professional software developer. Got to love it. And hate it. But we wouldn’t want to do anything else, right? :wink:

This should be resolved in 7.1.1, released today.

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Yep, looks good. Thanks!!