BUG — Input Window Shifts Downward in v9.1 on Big Sur


I have a macro that surveys me with input windows several times. Prior to Big Sur, that input window stayed in the same location on the screen. In KM 9.1 on Big Sur, each time the input window prompts, it shifts downward on the screen considerably with respect to the previous input prompt's location. I usually drag it to the top manually, when it gets too close to the bottom of the screen, for fear of permanently losing it. :slight_smile:

I have the same behavior on my MBP 15 inch also @dafacto

I have noticed that one of my macros that prompts for user input always seems to be near the bottom of the screen. I drag it up, but it seems to go back to the bottom of the screen later on (maybe after app/computer restart).

@peternlewis In case you missed it. :slight_smile:

In my experience, the window stays in the same position if the window is closed before the next one is opened.

However if you open a second one while the first is open (or perhaps even very shortly after the first closed) then the new window will be offset.

Both Prompt for User Input and Prompt with List work properly for me, appearing at the same location each time.

Running Keyboard Maestro 9.1 on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave).

I’ve been using this same macro for nearly a year prior to Big Sur, and the change in because of Big Sur. The macro has several prompts for my input, and each one shifts downward. It’s really annoying. Prior to Big Sur, each prompt appeared precision where the previous one did.

It looks to be a bug in Big Sur. I will take a look and see what I can do, or whether it needs to be reported to Apple.

I have confirmed this is a change of behaviour in Big Sur, and reported it as a bug to Apple (FB8915183). Unfortunately, I cannot work around the bug until I know whether Apple considers this a bug and will fix it, or considers this a breaking change they have decided to make, otherwise if Apple fixes the bug, then it will produce the same misbehaviour in reverse.

The bug happens when:

  • A non-user-resizeable window
  • with a saved window location
  • is resized in code before being displayed

It affects Keyboard Maestro’s Alerts and Prompt For User Input windows.

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I guess one option is to fix it, and remove the fix if Apple fix their bug. Have you faced this situation before? Maybe app updates require more meat than just something like that?

OK, I have a workaround so it behaves the same in pre and post Big Sur (basically, I abandon Apple’s auto-save window positions and do it myself, so it works better generally anyway).

Fixed in the next version.


Thanks a lot @peternlewis :+1:

Great news! Er, version 10? :wink: