Bug? Midi Trigger 'Allow Recording' is listening to all inputs instead of selected

When i want to record a midi trigger, and another midi source is sending midi triggers all the time (which i cannot stop) the recorded trigger is listening to that input too. Although i selected another input.
See this gif. See that i have IACbus 2 selected as input to listen too, but on IACbus 1 there is a lot of midi traffic. As soon as i turn on "allow recording" the input switches to bus 1. And the menu is only occupied with bus 1, i cannot select bus2 during the recording. MIDI%20trigger%20Recording%20bug2

Bug or expected behaviour?

Yes, this is the expected behaviour - recording records the packet and source.

So to record a trigger key, you will have to ensure there is no other competing MIDI packets happening (perhaps temporarily unplug or shut down the offending device).

As you can see in my video the user interface suggests that i can listen to one input only. I would like that.
If it is not a bug, i put it as suggestion! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your great software. I use it a lot.