Bug: Prompt for User Input: `OK` button is not blue

It appears to be a bug in recent versions of Xcode, when it compiles the interface files for those windows, it has made some change that results in the failure to display correctly in older versions of OSX.

I have reported it to Apple, but there isn't anything I can do directly, since reverting to using older versions of Xcode is not really practical.


That's great that you were able to track it down.

Are you able to test/reproduce in 10.11.6, or otherwise verify when it's broken and then (hopefully) fixed?

In any case, I'll report back here if I see it change in a future release.


Yes, I have a test Mac that runs 11.6, which I always test (just a cursory test) every release on to ensure there is no obvious failings.

I'm afraid I wont be holding my breath on Apple fixing this, but you never can tell, they have fixed a few bugs I've reported over the years.


Understood. Same.

Can you post the Radar/Feedback Assistant number here, in case anyone else runs into this and wants to report it too?


FB8703845 “Recent versions of Xcode compile .xib to .nib result in non-highlighted default buttons in 10.11”

Thank you!

“10.11”. Are Apple even likely to fix a problem that affects such an ancient release?

Since Xcode supports setting the Deployment target for the interface, and it is configured for 10.11, which it claims to still support, yes they might. It really depends on why it is failing and what it is doing wrong - it is quite possible the bug could affect other things, and until they know what it is doing and why, they won't know whether there are other potential consequences. And once they do, it may be an easy fix. Or not. Or they may not care. Who knows?

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