Calculation to add up clip boards

Hi all, just wondered if i could get some help: I need a macro to add up clipboards to give a total duration calculation. So, clipboard_1 is : 16:31 and clipboard_2 is : 5:14

There will be more clipboard probably 12-14 to add up.

Any help would be really great that.

Where are the clipboards coming from?

To add times, generally it is best to convert them to seconds (or minutes if they are all hour:minute times) and tally that and then eventually convert it back to a time.

Use the Search Clipboard action to break the time into its component parts (hours:minutes or minutes:seconds) using (\d+):(\d+) (if you have to deal with optionally three fields, like hours:minutes:seconds, then you’ll have to do more work). Then add the time as Time + Hours*60+Minutes using the Set Variable to Calculation action.