Can a / Command in Twitch Chat Act as a Trigger?

I’m thinking about getting back into streaming, and I thought how fun it would be if viewers could use chat commands to trigger certain events that are controlled by KM. I’m not sure what I would have it do yet, but it would definitely open up a lot of possibilities. Any thoughts on if this is doable or maybe even how?

Not unless Twitch Chat has the means to send commands to the macOS – or has a means for the macOS to monitor it via AppleEvents.

Or so I think – since I don't use Twitch.

I use NightBot which uses some JavaScript to reaction to / commands in Twitch chat. It looks like the JS is limited though, but if I can get it to load a URL, then that should work as a trigger. The closest thing I’ve found is urlfetch, but I’m concerned it will give the viewers my KM trigger URL in the chat. Here’s a page on URL fetch: UrlFetch - Nightbot Docs

I can't tell from a quick scan through the docs, but I'm not very conversant with that sort of API.

If you're running this in-browser you might be able to write an extension to monitor the stream and react to "hidden" commands:

How To Trigger Macros Automatically From Google Chrome

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