Can I access an email and import contents into specific cells of a spreadsheet

I want to email myself some presentation and have them logged in google sheets.
From an email that has defined criteria in the body such as (Title of presentation, URL of presentation, Type, etc), I want to email it to myself and then have keyboard maestro enter the content into a new row of a spreadsheet, and then populate the content into the relevant specific cells.
Is this something that can be done?

It can most likely be done, but it's difficult to provide full help without a real-world example. Just going off the information you've provided, I would probably tackle it this way:

  1. Copy the email to a KM variable.
  2. Use a variety of regular expression searches to extract each piece of data.
  3. Open Google sheets and navigate to the destination. If Google Sheets has an equivalent to Excel's Go To feature, you could use that to jump directly where you want to go. (I don't use Google products, so have no idea if that feature exists.) If it lacks that feature, you'd probably have to move the cursor around with keyboard commands.
  4. Paste the data.

Repeat steps two through four as needed for each piece of data.


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thank you