Can I Change Permisisons Inside a Temp Folder?

Hello Keyboard Maestro crew. I've got a question that's not related to KM, but to permissions.

I've got a database that downloads product images into a folder in /private/var/folders. The system was set up because we can download a bunch of temp files there and when we quit Filemaker the images will get deleted. But I've realized that I don't have permissions to save files I've edited. I can't change the system easily since other people use it, but is there no way to set permissions so that my local user has the permission to overwrite files inside one of these folders? I'm not sure if permissions will "stick" if I change them then download new files.

Here's a screenshot of one of the directories in question:

Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 21.08.16

Given the path to the relelvent folder, you could presumably run the command:

chmod -R a+w /private/var/folders/p7/adsasdads/T/S11.1

I would try to avoid changing any folder too high up in the hierarchy, but you should be able to change the zip folder safely enough I would imagine.

I'm not sure how reliable any of this would be, and I'm not sure how comfortable I would feel working on and saving a file in the tmp folder and expecting it to stick around for any length of time, but it would probably work.

Thanks for the reply. When I run this I get "operation not permitted." I think I'll find a way for files to save in an editable place for my own computers to fix it.

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That's probably the best idea. Working on files in the temp folder sounds like a recipe for disaster.