Can I contact for a beach ball?

I'm having a 60 second beach ball effect on my new M3 iMac (on Sonoma already) when I try to import macros. Can I just send log files to or do I need to discuss it on the forums first? There isn't much to say, other than the Import Macros Safely menu item displays a beach ball and then does nothing.

Tagging @peternlewis since he would be the one to give an answer.

You can (and should) contact support.

And then I will tell you to try to get an Activity Monitor sample of the Keyboard Maestro process while that is happening, which would indicate what it is doing at that point and will generally lead to a solution.

Generally, if you are talking about a bug or failing in using Keyboard Maestro itself, then support email is likely the best way. If you are talking about anything related to creating macros, then the forum is the best place to do it.

If you ask about bugs on the forum, I may or may not see it, and someone else may or may not be able to help you. Note that bugs are pretty rare, and most reported bugs are actually misunderstandings on how to use Keyboard Maestro and the forum can often help with them. But freeze or the like are almost always related to something else on the system being corrupted in some way and knowing where it is stuck is the first step in resolving it.

If you ask on support about creating a macro, I may be able to help, but likely I don't have the same applications to be able to help and will point you to the forum. Also, there are folks on the forum that are much better than me at Apple Script, JavaScript, Shortcuts, DOM manipulation, etc.