Can I download the documentation as a PDF?

The only place I have been able to find the documentation so far is either from within Keyboard Macro itself or on the WEB.

Neither of these seem to respond to CMD+ to increase the font size. Since I am getting old and my vision is not what it used to be, I hope there might be a way to download it as a PDF.

That way is should be able to use either Adobe Reader or Preview to view it and increase the font size so I can read it.

On the right side of the documentation table of contents, there’s a link called “PDF Version”.

I don’t see that PDF Version link in either Safari or Firefox.

On the right hand side of this page,

there’s a link to the PDF version (along with a single page version) just above the links to the documentation for the older versions. But, in case there’s something with your browsers, here it is,

Your second suggests worked. I have successfully downloaded to my iPad4 and can use GoodReader to read it and expand the fonts.

By the way I was trying earlier on my Mac Mini, running Mavericks and the latest versions of Safari and Firefox. The download PDF tab didn’t show using Chrome either.

Anyway, thanks for your help.

Bruce Shultes
Albany Curling Club
Garden State Curling Club
Granite Curling Club