Can I replicate Adobe's zoom behaviour in another design application

Hi Everyone,

I’m new here and I have a very specific question. If there’s a solution to my issue, my day to day work would be so much more pleasant.

I recently had to start using an application called Sketch, it’s a layout software. For a decade I used Adobe Software.

Now in all Adobe programs I can easily switch between “zoom in”, “zoom out” and “move artboard around” by holding down a combination of “space”, “alt” and “command” and clicking with the mouse.

  1. Hold Down Space: Move Artboard
  2. Hold Down Space + Hold Down Command: Change To „Zoom In Tool“
  3. Hold Down Space + Hold Down Command + Click with Mouse: Zoom In
  4. Hold Down Space + Hold Down Command + Hold Down Alt: Change to „Zoom Out Tool“
  5. Hold Down Space + Hold Down Command + Hold Down Alt + Click with Mouse: Change To „Zoom Out“

Now Apple doesn’t recognize “Mouseclicks” when trying to change the keyboard shortcuts via preferences.
Is there a way how I can replicate the behaviour described above with Keyboard Maestro?
I uploaded a short Video to show the behaviour.
[URL=]View My Video[/URL]

I hope this is a somewhat interesting problem and not a mirror of a problem already solved elsewhere,
Best, S

I now figured out that sketch allows the exact same concept by holding down the “Z” key. Does anyone happen to know if there is there a way to overwrite it with Keyboard Maestro and use the command key instead?

If Adobe gives you menu options for zoom then use the Keyboard Maestro to either remap the keystroke or use the select item from menu option. The example below shows TWO different ways how it COULD work in Pages; however there is a catch as CMD++ is used to increase the font size. In all other applications, I have found either of these techniques to work. Use KeyCue to see shortcut conflicts. It is BEST to create a macro group for each of these applications eg PAGES and then only have the remapping active within that macro group only. i.e. you do not pages zoom working in VLC. ie macros only active if PAGES is active.

Hi Jonathon

Thank you for your help.
This is fantastic.

Unfortunately, the menu command „Zoom In“ already zooms in, yet I want only the zoom tool to appear (and only when holding down the key). With a click of the mouse I can then zoom in or draw a rectangle to define the zoom area. Here’s a video of the two modes:

The good thing about this method is, that releasing the command key switches back from zoom to the previousely active tool. This allows for a very smooth back and forth between modes.

Now what I found out in the meantime through try and error is that the application I work with (Sketch by Bohemian Coding) uses the key „Z“ to do the exact thing that adobe does with the command key. Holding down the key gives you the zoom tool. Now what I’d need to do is overwrite that key assignment. Is there a way I can do that?

Help! :blush:

I don't think you can capture an on_click event as a trigger in KM,
but on the other hand you can detect where the mouse is when the spacebar is tapped
(and respond differently according to what, if any, modifier keys are down).

Here, for example, we throw up a dialog reporting mouse position if the spacebar (in in my case) is tapped while CAPS LOCK is on. If no modifier keys are down, it just passes the spacebar tap on to the application ...

Might be a route to developing something, though in my case the spacebar is already heavily overloaded by IME-switching, LaunchBar, and Spotlight ...

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Wow. I see. Thank you very much for your help. I figured out that Sketch now offers the exact same zoom tool and zoom behaviour as Adobe, so I wouldn’t even need to invent the whole interaction. What I would still need to achieve is assigning a different key. Sketch uses Z, while Adobe uses Command, which is what I wanted to achieve in the first place.

Anyway I wanted to thank you and jonathonl very much for your time and help. This is a truly nice board!