Can I save and load multiple profiles?

I'm having some ergonomic issues with my trackpad being too far to the right, so I'm trying the Apple wireless keyboard, which doesn't have the keypad.

This means I need to temporarily remap macros that use the keypad. Before I do that, is there a way I can save all my macros in their current state in case I return to the full-size keyboard? This amounts to having multiple profiles you switch to change out all of your macros at once.

I think Better Touch Tool has something like this with their "preset" function.


Yes, there’s actually a fairly easy way to do this, although it may not seem obvious at first:


Even if you don’t have another Mac that you want/need to sync to, you can still use the sync feature.

Create a Sync File for your Current Setup

  1. Go to File » Start Syncing Macros…

  2. Choose “Create New…” in the pop-up which appears

  3. Save your current file to something named in a way that you will find obvious even in, say, 6 months: “Macros from before ergonomic remap 2020-11-03” or something like that.

  4. Copy that file somewhere safe, to have an extra copy of it “just in case”.

Stop Syncing Current Setup

  1. Go to File » Reveal Macro Sync File

  2. Go to File » Stop Syncing Macros

  3. Go to Finder, which should be showing your current macro file, which will end in .kmsync

  4. In Finder, Choose File » Duplicate to duplicate your current setup.

  5. Rename the duplicate .kmsync file something like “More Ergonomic Setup.kmsync”

Start Syncing with New Sync File

  1. Go to File » Start Syncing Macros…

  2. Choose “Open Existing…” from the pop-up which appears

  3. Select the “More Ergonomic Setup.kmsync”

Boom! Done!

Now you have two .kmsync files, and you can switch between them by using “Stop Syncing”, then “Start Syncing”, and then “Choose Existing”.

Make sense? If not, let me know.

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Thanks for the clear instructions.