Can I save macros on second Mac after I turn off syncing

Hello, I was a long-term QuicKeys user and switched to KM last year when I finally updated to 64-bit macOS. I wrote a lot of KM macros on my home Mac and they work fine. I finally just got back to the office and updated my office Mac from Mojave after deleting QuicKeys.(Both Macs are now running BIg Sur) Syncing with my home Mac worked, but a lot of the macros are specific to home Mac so I need to modify a bit on my office Mac. I turned off syncing on both Macs, and my macros are still on the office Mac - - so can I now modify the macros on my office Mac and will they be saved for use on that Mac alone?

Maybe I don't understand your question, but if sync is turn OFF, then obviously any changes you make on that Mac will NOT affect any other Mac.

If you are asking for a way to do a selective sync, then no, that is not possible.
But there is a setting on the Macro Group to disable on "this mac":


So, put create a separate Macro Group for the macros you want to run ONLY on your Office mac.
Turn on KM Macro Sync.
After these sync to your other mac, then check that box.

The other option is to add an IF/THEN Action at the top of each of your Office Mac Macros to check for that Mac's name. If it is not that name, then just cancel the macro.

@peternlewis, I have long thought that this "Disabled on this Mac" would be much more useful if it was designed to "Enable Only on This Mac".
Or maybe have both.

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Yes, that fully answers my question. Maybe I'll try your suggestion fo "..separate Macro Group for the macros you want to run ONLY" and just copy paste macros, which are computer specific, into that group.
My concern was that something weird would happen to macros after turning off syncing but that doesn't appear to be the case. Thanks

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If the option is Enable Only On This Mac, how would the user enable a macro group on two of three Macs which are syncing KM macros?

This begs for a more comprehensive solution, with list of Macs for which this MG is enabled.
By default, it would be "All Macs".

The problem with "Disable on this Mac" is that it requires the recipient Mac to make that choice, when most of the time you want the Mac where the MG is created to control which Macs can use it.

The simple and intuitive approach is to use the same model as the macOS uses with file/folder permissions.

I suspect we use Macs with Keyboard Maestro differently. I want my Macs to behave the same/provide me the same macro functionality. But here's a question based on what you said: If a Mac at home controls Macro Group activation across other Macs, how does a user make a change when traveling with a notebook?

As do I. I do not have a personal need to disable MG for some Macs.

Good question. This begins to make this feature more complex.
To provide complete control, it would have to be based on the Mac user.

Although KM can work with multiple users on multiple Macs, it is not really designed for multiple users.