Can I trigger a macro by switching to another user account?

Assuming all user accounts are currently logged in, is it possible to trigger a macro when switching to a different user?

Thanks for the help!

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Not that I can think of. You could trigger a macro on the initial user if you used some other trigger to instigate the switch.

Hmmm. I kiiiiind of follow you, but not really!

The goal is to not allow a certain app to be active for more than one user, because it gets buggy when it’s being used simultaneously by multiple user accounts. So I’m trying to have only the active user account running the app. When I switch from user account A to user account B, I’d want the app in user account A to automatically quit, and reopen in user account B. I thought perhaps a KM action triggered by an account switch would do the trick, but if you can think of another way, by all means let me know!


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If you can train yourself to use a macro to switch accounts, then the macro becomes:

  • Quit Bad Application
  • Fast User Switch to Account B

Is there a System file that always changes after a fast user switch? Identifying a file change would enable me to run a macro.

I found a web page that discusses this question but doesn't have the answer:

So that means that it probably isn't possible.