Can Keyboard Maestro Help with Managing Multiple Chrome Windows Across Spaces on an Ultrawide Monitor?

I am reaching out for assistance with a unique window management issue that I'm facing with my setup. I have a Mac Mini connected to a Samsung Ultrawide monitor, and I'm considering transitioning to using a newer Mac model. Before making this change, I need to ensure that I can efficiently manage my workspace as described below.

The Challenge: My workflow involves having 3-4 windows open on my ultrawide monitor, predominantly Chrome windows, which I categorize for different activities like browsing, work-related tasks, and reporting. Alongside these, I use 2-3 separate macOS virtual spaces, each arranged with a similar set of windows, tailored for specific purposes. When working from home, I maximize each window to fill an entire space.

The Goal: I am on the hunt for a method, ideally within Keyboard Maestro, that allows me to save the layout of each individual space with the capability to either:

  • Quickly restore this layout via a shortcut, or
  • Automatically adjust to this layout when an external monitor is connected.

Previous Attempts: I have explored a few applications such as Moom, Magnet, and Better Touch Tool but haven’t found a way to make them work for my needs. The crux of the issue is managing multiple instances of the same application, specifically different Chrome windows, which need to be recognized and arranged individually.

My Question: Can Keyboard Maestro address this kind of challenge? If so, I would be grateful for a walkthrough or some tips on setting this up. I'm looking for a way to have Keyboard Maestro identify each Chrome window separately and restore them to a predefined space and configuration.

I'm intrigued by the potential of Keyboard Maestro to solve my problem and would appreciate any guidance or suggestions from this knowledgeable community.

Thank you for your time and help!