Can Keyboard Maestro make links open in new tab when code doesn't allow it (explanation below)?

I like to open a bunch of tabs and then look through these various tabs once I'm done. But certain websites (ex: are coded not to allow this. If you command-click on a link, it opens the link in the same page. If you control-click, you see what's in this screenshot vs. the usual menu.

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Can Keyboard Maestro circumvent this and make the links work in the normal way? If so, how would one set it up?

(I realize this is probably impossible because of the underlying code, but I'm not a coder and am hoping that maybe there is a way to do so?)


I don’t know if this can be accomplished with Keyboard Maestro, but the free Safari extension ⌘-Click Avenger restores this functionality to most every site.

Bummer. It doesn’t appear to work at least on this site. But at least I’m not alone in finding this behavior crazy. Thank you for the link!

Possibly. See this macro which returns a MD link when you hover over a link and trigger the macro. Maybe you could change or parse the output to get just the URL, the use the KM Action Open URL in New Tab

Unfortunately that macro's support for Safari 11.x is currently broken, although it still works in Chrome. (Tested on macOS 10.12.6.)

Robyn – for future reference – you forgot to tell us in your initial post which browser you were working in. Disclosing the app you're working in is more often than not vital to getting a useful answer.

You're right – the underlying code of that page is complex and (as far as I can tell) not very amenable to deciphering.

Generally if you don't see a URL displayed in the status bar while hovering over a link in a webpage, you're not likely going to be able to grab it via any kind of automation.


@ccstone — I use Safari more than anything else, but I’m browser-agnostic — meaning I’d use any browser that would enable me to access those links in a normal fashion. But I will be more specific in the future.

@JMichaelTX — I haven’t had a chance to try your suggestion, but given what @ccstone says about needing to see the links in the status bar for any automation to work, I’m guessing it probably will not work :pensive:

Thank you all for your responses!

Hey Robyn,

The only web browsers Keyboard Maestro directly supports are Safari and Google Chrome, and it can do that because those browsers are AppleScriptable.

Most Mac browsers are not scriptable.

The most sophisticated one I know of is Fake, which is specifically designed to be an automation platform.

I haven't looked at it for a couple of years, and it appears to have improved since then.