Can KM be set up so the same macros can be used by all users?

Some applications support moving their Application Support folders to the System Library. All users work with the same files. Can KM do this? I know I can copy macros to the Shared Folder and then copy the Application Support files into User B's library, but I'd like to avoid that.

Have you considered using the KM Syncing Macros Between Macs ?

I use this with Dropbox and it works great.

Are you talking about users sharing a single Mac?

No. If you do this, or anything like this, you will likely corrupt the Keyboard Maestro preference files.

You can sync your macros across accounts on a single Mac - the only requirement for syncing is that the sync file can be read/written by Keyboard Maestro, and that any changes to one Keyboard Maestro are made available to the other Keyboard Maestro.

A shared file should be fine, as long as both Keyboard Maestro can read and write the file and the permissions are ok.

Alternatively, you can use a service like Dropbox with both accounts logged in to the same shared folder.