Can KM Simulate a Capslock Key Press? Macro'ing Bookends's Floating Citations

TL;DR: is there a way to get Keyboard Maestro to simulate a keypress of capslock?

Bookends offers a useful "Floating Citations" feature that, upon a certain keystroke, floats a little search modal above wherever you're currently working. When you search for a reference and hit enter, it then enters the citation from that reference into your current text field.

However, frustratingly, the only way to invoke Floating Citations is a strict set of options:

CleanShot 2022-12-16 at 15.30.52

Essentially, double-tap a modifier key, or double-tap capslock.

When I use the modifier key options, I tend to invoke it accidentally a lot. I'm clumsy or fidgety, I suppose.

So, caps lock would be safe, only I remap capslock to a hyperkey-on-hold/esc-on-tap, which eliminates that option.

But I recently got to thinking: Keyboard Maestro can double-tap a key for me! Only... it doesn't look like capslock is an option in the list of keys.

So, that's the question: is there a way to get Keyboard Maestro's Type Keystroke action to simulate a press of capslock?

Alternatively, I'm open to other ideas (and automation tools). Ideally I'd like to bind a "normal" hotkey to Floating Citations, particularly in a few specific apps.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Ryan,

See if you can get the Simulate Hardware Key action to work.



Ah, how did I forget that that existed?

Unfortunately, still, no luck. I tried both the "press and release" config and just putting two "Simulate Hardware Key" actions in.

Thanks though!

Too bad...

Working with hardware keys like that can be difficult or impossible.

Complain to the Bookends developer that their choice of keyboard shortcut is ridiculously restrictive and anti-user – not to mention lazy...

There's no good reason they can't offer you a completely custom option.

There's not a menu option for displaying the floating citations window is there?

With BTT this should work. Caps lock key as hyperkey. But if you double-tap the key it does something else. The feature is called "Key Sequence".

PS: Ah, what happens if you double-tap Caps Lock while holding down fn?

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