Can USB Device Key Triggers Replace a Mouse Click?

Hello @peternlewis (as I think this issue needs your insight),

I am starting to use USB Device Key triggers with side buttons on my wireless mouse (Logitech G604 at the moment):

Example: USB Receiver Button 12

I have it set to: is pressed & ignoring modifiers.

However, when I press the button, the button "clicks" like a left mouse button, and then the macro triggers.

Is there a way to eliminate the mouse click in Keyboard Maestro?

Any ideas/solutions are appreciated.

As described in the USB Device Key trigger, the trigger can detect events, but it cannot modify them or stop their normal behaviour.

Ahh well. Was hoping for a workaround.

Thanks Peter!

Hey Jim,

To do that sort of thing you need a real mouse driver like SteerMouse.

I haven't looked at it in a while, but it used to be pretty good.


Thanks Chris!

I wanted to experiment with the USB Device Key trigger, as it feels a tiny bit quicker than using a driver like SteerMouse.

That said, if I can't get the USB Device Key trigger to work well, I will use a real mouse driver.

I'm waiting for the new Razer Naga V2 HyperSpeed to arrive from Razer. Until then, I am testing with my old Logitech G604.

I'll give the USB Device Key trigger a thorough test with the Razer.

And if needed, I will be testing these drivers (putting the list here, in case it helps others):

USB Overdrive

Scroll Wheel improvements:

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FYI—SteerMouse is the clear winner thus far.

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I would tend to agree.

Much as I like and respect Alessandro Levi Montalcini, USB Overdrive has gotten rather outdated due to lack of attention.

Alex wrote the famous Mac macro utility KeyQuencer many years ago. It predates MacOS X and ran as a driver in an incredibly small space. It was lightweight, unbelievably quick, and spectacularly powerful for its small footprint.

I used to run it alongside QuicKeys and a few other things and was really sad when it was finally sunsetted – long before Keyboard Maestro was a thing...

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QuicKeys! Wow! That brings back memories! I loved and used it a lot before Keyboard Maestro!


I started using QuicKeys in 1985.

We updated our 128K Mac to a Mac Plus, and I added a DataDesk 101 keyboard, QuicKeys, and a RAM disk.

That turned the Mac from a fairly pathetic little toy into a machine that could get really useful work done.

The Mac Plus had a whopping 1024K of memory. Nearly 40 years later I'm working on a MacBook Air with only 8 GBs of memory and feel very cramped...


Back then, I was so happy with QuicKeys, I would teach tips and tricks at Mac User Group meetings.

Different days, those.

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