Can you place your windows with KM

Can you use KM to have windows like so on a keyboard trigger, see attached image.

Here are some clues:

Mike Briggs


Hello Nilesh,

Since you’re in Finder AppleScript is going to be the way to go:

Open the windows you want and arrange them then use the following script to get the values for the open and position windows script.

tell application "Finder"
  tell windows
    set winTargetList to target as alias list
    set winBoundsList to bounds
  end tell
end tell

# Open and Position Windows:
set winTargetList to {alias "Ryoko:Users:chris:Documents:", alias "Ryoko:Users:chris:Downloads:"}
set winBoundsList to {{0, 44, 870, 520}, {538, 44, 1382, 1196}}
tell application "Finder"
  repeat with i from 1 to length of winTargetList
    open item i of winTargetList
    set bounds of front window to item i of winBoundsList
  end repeat
end tell

Run script 2 from an Execute AppleScript Action.

Best Regards,

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