Can you prevent long macro sequence from being interrupted?

Hello. We are photographing items that get 6 images. I have created macros that, in Capture One, will rename, process, and color tag the images. I also created a macro sequence that will process 6 images in a row. So the first image is selected, start this macro and it will rename/process that image, pause 1 second, select the next image, rename/process/pause, select next image, and so on.

My question:Is there a way to prevent this extended sequence from being interrupted? If a user clicks out of Capture One while the sequence is operating, obviously it can wreak havoc!

Hey Jimmy,

Unfortunately the short answer is no.

When you’re driving the UI, you can’t stop the UI from working.

(Peter may or may not add a more technical answer.)


Yeah I assumed as much, but thought I would throw the question out there. Thanks for the response!