Cancel All Macros not working


I use KM to automate some tedious tasks in Pro Tools.

I have a four keystrokes going in a "Repeat" engroup. I made it 40 repeats but sometimes I would like to stop before 40 repeats. I then try to execute a Kill All Macros I have (the usual ctrl-alt-cmd-shift-k), but nothing happens.

The "Cancel all Macros" in the menu are greyed out, also.

Anyone experienced something like this?

Thank you for your help!

Per Einar

If the Cancel All Macros menu is greyed out, then Keyboard Maestro is not executing any macros.

Remember that canceling all macros will not stop you from immediately triggering another macro (so if macros are triggered continuously, then they will continue to be triggered.

Also, if you execute a shell script into the background, it would not be canceled.