Cannot limit a macro to a specific application

I have a number of macros running just fine. The problem is that they act the same whether the app I want to limit them to is in front or not. I believe I have this set correctly, but maybe not at all. The sample macro attached simply clicks at a location on screen and then returns the mouse to its original loc. This works everywhere, the finder, other apps, whatever. Thanks for any insight.

Also, what is the function of the "repeat" section? I only want this to happen once. I cannot prevent this extra gadget from appearing.

Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 6.25.29 PM

That's not how you limit a macro to an application. You limit the Macro GROUP to which application(s) it should be available in. You've set your macro up to TRIGGER when the application is running, which means the macro will get automatically executed when the application runs.


Thank you, Dan. i will try that when I get back to my office.