Can't bind Shift-Command-J or Shift-Command-K


I’d like to use these as triggers but they keep appearing in the Trigger dialog as “Shift-DownArrow” and “Shift-UpArrow”. I do have Command-K and Command-J bound to UpArrow and DownArrow in another macro group but that is specifically excepted from Keyboard Maestro. That doesn’t appear to be working; KM8 is applying its own key bindings while reading the trigger key. Is there any way to avoid this?


I suspect something else is going on, because hot keys are disabled when in the configuration for hot key triggers. You can check the Assistance window (Help ➤ Assistance) and and click Something expected is not happening and see if it says that everything is ok, and then go back and click Something unexpected is happening, and see if that resolves it, but my initial guess would be that you have something else happening (maybe a Karabiner mapping or such?).

I’ve made a little more progress with this. Disabling the conflicting macro group when the application = Keyboard Maestro doesn’t work, but disabling it when the current window title = Keyboard Maestro Editor does work.

Unfortunately the resulting key binding still doesn’t work (I’d like Shift-Cmd-K to invoke Shift-UpArrow.) Steps to reproduce:

  • create a global macro group, bind Cmd-K to UpArrow
  • create another macro group, try binding Shift-Cmd-K to anything; doesn’t work, the hot key shows as Shift-UpArrow
  • set the first group to active if current window title != Keyboard Maestro Editor
  • can now bind Shift-Cmd-K to Shift-UpArrow in the second group
  • it doesn’t work; try using it in Mail message list, where Shift-UpArrow should select multiple messages

I’m on MacOS 10.12.6 and KM 8.1.1. No other keyboard tools (I used to have Keymando and Divvy but have happily axed them in favor of KM.)


This is not normal behaviour, so something is interfering with Keyboard Maestro. Did you check the Assistance window?

I had to reboot the laptop (unrelated to KM issues) and both issues are gone.
I will resubmit the question if it recurs; thanks!