Can't Copy and Paste - Please Help

I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but I can't copy and paste via the normal shortcuts (Cmd+C & Cmd+V). I can, however, do this by selecting Edit from the menu and clicking Copy. I checked to make sure all the keys work normally, which they do. I reset pboard through the terminal, but that didn't work. I also restarted my computer. Any thoughts? I'm pretty sure it's related to KM, but I'm not sure what I did.

First step might be to search in the KM Editor for "hotkey: ⌘C" and see if it's being used.


@noisneil Thank you for telling me about how to search for hotkeys. I figured it out. I made a blunder in an unexpected area. I assigned Cmd+C by accident to turn on and off Do Not Disturb in the Mac settings area. I'm not sure how that happened really because my macro that used the hotkey to turn it on and off was working fine earlier. Somehow it was changed to Cmd+C. Anyway, thank you for the quick reply and for the help. I really appreciate it!

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