Can't Get Macro to Work When the App Is Active


I set up a macro to which I pass a string as an input from LaunchBar for searching in Notion.

It works fine if Notion is not currently active.

But when Notion is active, it does not seem to do anything (the 3rd step of pressing cmd + P to be specific).


Any idea?


Hi @Sridhar - it sounds to me like a timing issue, I.e. KM is sending the first keystroke before Notion is ready to accept it. So I would try increasing the duration of the first Pause action to, say, 0.5 sec or more and see what happens.

On my Mac there are some apps that, even though they come to the front they still take a while to become responsive!

Give it a go and report back.

Just tried but it isn't working. I increased the pause to 1s.