Can't Get Mouse to Repeatedly Click

The goal is to delete multiple messages in the Apple Messages app - but when I put it in a loop - the subsequent click at position doesn't fire - so I gave up and just hard coded it to 1.


Delete.kmmacros (6.3 KB)

Hi @JoshuaPaul,

Have you tried adding a pause at the bottom to prevent "multiple-click"?

Can you alternately set x value at 2 and 0 at each iteration ?
for example,
the first loop, x = 0
second loop x = 2
third loop x = 0
fourth loop x = 2

In some UI toolkit, if the mouse is clicked at same position consecutively, it has no effect, maybe you give the value change a try and see if it works.

And also do add pause as other suggest , the Pause action does do wonder .

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Hi @JoshuaPaul, I use the following macro to delete all messages on macOS Big Sur:


33)All <9692 210819T000024>.kmmacros (44,1 KB)

Is that what you are looking for?