Can't move through tabs in Finder with "select menu item" action

This macro fires but does not do anything. (Same with an identical "Show Next Tab" macro.)

Select or Show a Menu Item.kmactions (0.7 KB)

Hey Jack,

Probably because the window list is dynamic, and someone at Apple is lazy.

Non-dynamic menu elements should just work...

Try this:

Finder ⇢ Show Previous Tab.kmmacros (2.3 KB)


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Jack, that should work.
It is working for me running Keyboard Maestro 7.3.1 (7.3.1) on macOS 10.11.6.
Are you running macOS Sierra by chance? :wink:

I routinely use the keyboard shortcuts in another macro, and both work well.

That is basically a bug in the Finder. No idea why it misbehaves, but it does.

Since the menu has a command key already, just simulate the command key with the Type a Keystroke action.

@JMichaelTX @peternlewis Thanks, gentlemen. I’m currently using ⌃Tab as a trigger for another global macro, so keystrokes are not a good solution for me this time.

@ccstone Thanks. Weirdly, doing “Show Next Tab” this way actually doesn’t work for me unless my menu bar is visible. (“Show Previous Tab” works fine.) Right now I have my menu bar set to auto-hide. @peternlewis, any way around this? Maybe for the time being, I’ll just turn off the auto-hiding.

Hey Jack,

That's not weird at all.  :wink:

The menu bar “doesn't exist” when it's not visible, so it cannot be accessed.

You can force it to become visible by activating the “Search Help” keyboard shortcut.


Personally I think the problems caused by hiding the menu bar aren't worth it.


You could change the command key in the System Preferences then, and then use that key in your macro.

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I assume by "command key" you meant "shortcut key" for the Finder prior/next tab.

@ccstone Well, weird that one works and the other doesn’t … right?