Can't seem to select a Menubar Item (Screenflow's "Helper" app

Just updated Keyboard Maestro.

I want to tune my system for Screenflow & my Stream Deck

What I'm trying to do:
There's a screen recording program called Screenflow (I know, you're familiar with it.) It has a helper menubar item called "Screenflow helper"

I'm trying to get Keyboard Maestro to open "Show Recording Monitor..." (three dots, not an ellipsis.)

I assign it a keyboard shortcut in the App (no luck), Menu items (system Prefs > Keyboard). The keyboard choice works. Keyboard Maestro fails.

Applescript - I can get it t work...but it's super slow (think 8 seconds)

I could do menu position and it's going to be my workaround - but I frequently MOVE where the menu items are (especially in a screen recording where I want most of them hidden with Bartender)

Any help/thoughts advice would be amazing