Can't select variable in Find Image on Screen action

[KM 6.4.8, OS 10.8] I can’t change the variable used in a Find Image on Screen action. It starts by showing “Variable”, and I can select a different variable, but it still shows “Variable”.

As I mentioned in your other post, we need to see your macro to help. Please upload. See How to Post/Upload Your Macro to the Forum

Here’s the macro demonstrating the problem. Try to change "Variable" to the name of another variable. It doesn't work for me.Find Image variable problem.kmmacros (19.8 KB)

I tried it and I was able to change "Variable" to "MY Variable", just by clicking in the "to variable" field:

Of course, I am running KM 7.0.3, on Yosemite (10.10.5).

So, what exactly happens when you try to change the variable?

  • Does it let you change the text of the name while in the variable block?
  • Does it revert to "Variable" when you leave the block?
  • Something else?
  • If something weird shows up, get a screen capture of it

You might try the following:

  • Delete the Action, and reinsert the Action
  • Create a new macro, and test
  • Restart your mac

it lets me change the text.
It does not revert when I leave the box.
After changing the text and selecting another variable name from the drop down, nothing happens.
Deleting and reinserting doesn’t change anything.

This is a bug, fixed for 7.0.4.