Can't type space with keyboard maestro on

I just start use keyboard maestro and it looks very interesting. But there is a strange phenomenon that I can't type space with keyboard maestro running, later I find I can type space if I press shift and space at the same time. When I quit the application, everything goes back to normal. I'm using Mac air - version 10.11.6. Any advice is appreciated, thank you!

It sounds as if space may have accidentally been assigned as a hotkey shortcut to one of the macros in Keyboard Maestro. Try:

  • Selecting the ALL group in the leftmost panel of Keyboard Maestro Editor,
  • In the macro list to the right, sort macros by the hot-key assigned to them (by clicking the triangle at the top of the hot-keys column
  • look for Space between S and T


You can then clear the assignment by:

  • Selecting the macro which has accidentally had space assigned as a hotkey,
  • selecting its hotkey assignment field, and
  • clicking the small x icon which appears in the hotkey assignment field.
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Thank you, it is solved now

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