Catalina and device key trigger for Apple Magic Keyboard

Hi there,
I've just upgraded to Catalina and have noted that the device key triggers appear not to work or to be settable with the Apple Magic Keyboard - any ideas please?


Works fine here with 10.15.3, iMac 2019, Magic Keyboard.

However, depending which program is frontmost, it produces an error sound, which is not the case with a hotkey trigger. (But the macro runs, with or without error sound.)

Probably due to Catalina "security" features. See:

TIP: Resolving Catalina (and Mojave) Accessibility and Security Permissions Issues

The USB Device Key codes can change when you upgrade to Catalina (they can change any time really, but usually don't change much, but usually change when upgrading to Catalina from an older system).

So you may have to reset the USB Device Key trigger. If you cannot set it to anything at all, then as @JMichaelTX mentions, it is probably a security issue that needs to be resolved.

Thank you both :slight_smile: Removing the accessibility setting for the KM engine, restarting the engine and re-granting that permission seems to have done the trick