Change Display System Resolution from the Default to One Step Larger and Back to the Default

Any help to accomplish this would be great. I have a few programs that have no ability to adjust the font size and being able to quickly adjust this and reset it back would be a huge time saver for me. Thank you.

First up -- you are not changing text size. You are changing your display's resolution, with all that implies -- windows changing, maybe icons moving around, KM actions that use coordinates breaking, and so on.

Given all that, and assuming you still want to carry on, have a look at this thread on displayplacer, which lets you set resolutions as well as arrange displays. If you don't fancy messing with homebrew, command line stuff, and KM macros then take a look at SwitchResX -- you can set resolutions for different applications; switch via keyboard shortcuts/KM macros/AppleScripts and there's even a menu bar menu; you can save layouts for different resolutions; give your settings meaningful names... There's a free trial if you want to try it out.

Thank you sir. Yes, resolution indeed and i'm going to take a quick gander at the shmancy stuff and will also compare the app you suggested as well.