Change macro processing speed on window switching?

Dear list,

I’m trying out keyboard maestro to execute the following chain of actions upon a midi trigger:

  • read a (very small) textfile into a variable
  • bring up a specific window
  • click in a position in that window to open an editable field
  • insert the copied text
  • press tab
  • send a midi message

It works quite well, but the problem is that steps 2-4 take some time to execute. Usually it lasts 0,5s to run these steps. As I have a group of 5 macros, it can run up to 2,5s if all are active simultaneously. Ideally, it would take around 1/3 of the speed.
I wanted to ask, is it possible to:

  • set the processing speed, so that the actions run faster?
  • optimise the actions used?
  • In case not, do you know if it would be faster to make these run through applescript instead?



PS: I just found out that typing text is much faster than pasting. Nevertheless, I would be interested in knowing more about speed optimisation and comparison with applescript.

Generally, actions run at pretty much full speed. Some things have small delays because otherwise they tend to swamp the system (such as typing has a very short delay between each characters, and command keys a slightly longer delay).

Pretty much the only way to speed things up further is to do less work.