Checking Whether a Given URL is Already Open in Google Chrome Tabs

Peter, back in the post on What is the fastest way to open current Chrome URL in Safari? - #6 by peternlewis you mentioned a script you use to look at the current Chrome/Safari state and decide whether to open a new window or not - that's what I want to do. Would I be able to get that script?
My issue is that I want to know if a url is already being used and if it is, then to go to that tab, and if not, create a new tab.
What's happening is that as I'm working on my computer, a student will message me in Google Classroom. I go to their message, then possibly need to get to one of the other Google Classroom pages I've set up an automation. When I execute that button, it opens a new tab, even if perhaps that url may already be open in one of the existing tabs. It would save some clutter if I could go to the already open one.

I don't have a script which finds a tab by URL handy, but there are lots of them around on the net, eg:

A simple way to find such scripts (or most automation on the Mac) is to include the term AppleScript in your search, since even shell scripts will show up with that term.

The above link was the first link for a Duck Duck Go search of applescript chrome find url tab.

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In addition to @ccstone's post you can try this:

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