Choose From A Word List

Hello dear folks,

I'd like to see a list of words appearing above a word I just typed so that I just have to click an item in that list to replace the typed word.
Is this possible and what macros commands do I have to use?
Could I create a palette for every word which I want to replace, containing macros named with that very word, which will be replaced, when clicking the macro?
The palette would pop up triggered by that written word.

Thank you for your help, best Matze

Hello there, yes this can be accomplished, probably in a variety of ways. Here's how I would tackle it:

  1. Create a macro for each word you want to replace, use the Typed String Trigger, and check the simulate X deletes before executing option.
  2. Then, use the Prompt With List Action to show you a list of your choices you would like to pick from to replace the word. You can populate this list by using the List from text option. Set the to option to either a variable or a clipboard.
  3. Then use some form of paste (either paste from clipboard or insert text by pasting, and using the variable) to insert the selected word.

If that doesn’t make sense, or you need help actually building the macro, just let me know and I can provide further assistance! :grin:


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Hello Chris,

my idea works. But yours looks far more advanced :wink:
Thanks, best from D in GER